Messages From The Void


"Elemental's debut LP Messages From The Void is a collection of work from the last four years, spanning a range of styles, made using a combination of new and old technologies, including Elemental's beloved modular synthesizer. He is proud to be able to present it to the world -- a favour returned for all of the amazing music that has touched him throughout his years as a music listener and raver. Elemental's fresh take on the dubstep sound has got both scene stalwarts and eclectic tastemakers singing his praises. Blending components of acid house, Detroit techno, 'golden age' drum & bass, vintage dubwise and African rhythm, his sound is rich in texture and musical heritage, yet remains eminently danceable. The North London based producer -- Adam Wilson to his friends -- started dabbling with production in 1994 with a Roland D5 and Atari ST while he was still at school. Soon after he invested in an Akai S2000 sampler, bought a PC, and the rest, as they say, is history. In the nineties he predominantly focused on making drum and bass and experimental electronica, eventually putting out his first drum and bass release as a white label off his own back. A few years later, together with schoolmate Dario Swade, they formed the breakbeat garage duo Elemental & 3D, releasing on their own label Runtime Records in 2002. A couple of years later after some time abroad, Elemental caught the likes of Search & Destroy on Rinse FM and instantly found the sound he had been looking for: dark, heavy, syncopated beats and bass. Since 2004, Elemental has been focused on bringing his newly developed sound to the masses. Combining dubbed out dirty bass lines with hypnotizing rhythms, he has released on labels such as Destructive, Hotflush, Pitch Black, Halo Beats, and his own imprint Runtime, with his seminal track 'Soulfire' one of the highlights on Tayo's Fabriclive mix CD. He was officially the first person to do a live dubstep performance, mixing up and dubbing components of his productions using Ableton Live to rapturous audiences across the world: no set is ever the same twice."