Ertlif... Plus


Sommor Records present an expanded reissue of Ertlif's debut album, originally released in 1972. One of the leading Swiss progressive/psychedelic bands from the '70s. UK sounding doomy and atmospheric psychedelic hard-rock and proto-prog sounds, with lots of Hammond organ, hard guitar, occasional Mellotron, and English vocals. Ertlif was formed in 1970 by two ex-members of Egg & Bacon, lead guitarist Dany Andrey and bass player Teddy Riedo. They were joined by keyboard player James Mosberger (The Only Ones, The Countdowns), drummer Hanspeter "Bölle" Börlin (The Countdowns), and lead guitarist Martin Ruder: the cream of the Basel music scene from that time. The band name was derived from a mysterious medieval magician and alchemist. They were inspired by Pink Floyd, Yes, Procol Harum, Van der Graaf Generator, and Genesis, amongst others. A strong rhythm section and twin lead guitars blended with the Hammond organ, creating the characteristic Ertlif sound. In November 1971, Richard John Rusinski, an experienced singer from England (ex-Autumn Symphony), joined the band. Riedo and Beni Hauri (the band's roadie) had been experimenting with oscillators, noise generators, ring modulators, and other devices since 1969. In early 1972, they introduced these electronic sounds into the band's closing number "Classical Woman", becoming pioneers of electronic music in Switzerland. They also became the first Swiss band to use a Mellotron. The band's instrumental virtuosity established them as one of the country's top acts and they were only a few Swiss groups to be offered a recording contract. In August 1972, their album and a 45 were completed in only four days. The promotional tour began with sold-out shows on three consecutive nights at the legendary Atlantis club in Basel. Ertlif continued performing until 1978, when they disbanded. In 1992, they reformed with the original band members and continued playing live. In 2001 they released a new album on CD. With a new line-up, Ertlif have been active until last year when founding member Teddy Riedo sadly passed away. This album is dedicated to the memory of Teddy. RIYL: Deep Purple, Procol Harum, Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath, Ainigma, Necronomicon. Expanded to a double set here, including a whole additional album of previously unreleased: 1971 demo recordings, done at the band's rehearsal studio without overdubs, plus a rare compilation only track from 1973 "Plastic Queen", taken from the album Heavenly and Heavy - Mixed Swiss Rock Candies (1973).