King Original Vol. 3 - Grime, Trap & Dubstep

BD 018CD BD 018CD

Third installment in the King Original series. Thirteen brand-new and exclusive Footsie instrumentals. Includes Lord Of The Beats track "War Dub 4 (Send for Everyone)" and iTunes smash "Spookfest." Having demolished the likes of Wiley, Rude Kid and Jammer in the epic Lord Of The Beats producer-war in late 2013, all eyes and ears are on Footsie -- a trend that's set to continue with the release of the much-anticipated King Original Vol. 3. Already looking like one of the grime CDs of the year, King Original Vol. 3 is a heady mixture of grime, trap and dubstep style that Footsie has been steadily pushing over the airwaves and in clubs for the past 12 months, channeling raw, uncompromising Newham Generals energy throughout. Opening with the vibrant and funky "Bubblers," KO3 swiftly moves into darker territory. The brooding "Very Alarming" and "Traps" (a track featured on Footsie's SBTV "Producers House") bring drama to the fore, with Footsie utilizing 808s and vocal stabs to devastating effect. But its stand-out tracks "Newham Tribes," "Tekky," "Spookfest," and the anthemic "Cold Winter" raise the temperature and bring real dancefloor vibes, with gurgling acid lines, booming drums and euphoric pianos. It's a new dimension to Footsie's sound that's never been heard before. "To me, this is my most important release thus far," says the veteran producer. "This volume brings me back up to date in terms of my catalog and contains, what I think, is some of my best work so far." Indeed, 2013 saw Footsie ignite the underground with King Original Vol. 1 and 2, helping spawn a wave of nostalgia for the sounds of old that shows no sign of dissipating. For Vol. 3 however, he's presenting the future -- showcasing vital new sounds and textures.