EF 008CD EF 008CD

Endless Flight presents a mix CD by KZA and DJ Kent aka Force Of Nature, showcasing the freewheeling grooves of two long-time friends from Tokyo that share the same consciousness-expanding musical taste and vision. During the last decade, Force Of Nature emerged as a duo that creates music under the guidance of their large vinyl collection and background as loop-loving hip-hop devotees. In and outside of Japan, they have produced and remixed artists such as DJ Shadow, Five Deez, Sly Mongoose, You The Rock and Keiichi Sokabe. Besides making music, they are also an active part of Tokyo's DJ culture. This mix CD isn't just concerned with hip-hop, it also broaches subjects such as house, disco, Balearic and more cosmic vibes. The mix starts slowly with a melodious folk guitar-laden dub version of the track "Lay" produced by James Holroyd aka Begin. With the Lexx remix of "Field of Dream," a guitar-loving Balearic track originally produced by The Project Club, the mix starts to fly high on breezy, open grooves. From then on, the two fall over to the funk side of the fence and start to serve the dancefloor without forgetting that musicality comes always first. From the young but experienced British duo Seahawks to an Italo-loving track by Boys from Patagonia, from Canada's finest Kraut-disco seducer Eddie C to a soulful, froggy DJ T remix of a track by Compuphonic from Belgium and a Larry Heard-influenced acid-lover by the NotNotFun records newcomer Andy Sangria: their selection features a to-die-for range of established acts and new cats on the scene. Expansions spreads a slinky grace that is highly infectious and deep, with plenty of storytelling that goes beyond the dancefloor. Other artists include: Joakim, Lone, Dunks No Drunk, Lovelock, Brioski, Last Waltz, 6th Borough Project, Craig Bratley, The Revenge, Marques Toliver, Burnin Tears, Hardway Brothers and Toby Tobias.