Vollkontakt EP


"Something keeps blinking from the far side and you don't know what that blinking thing is and maybe it is coming straight towards you, first hiding, then to stalk, hiding again, to lay down, to rise up, come further, make a turn, and another turn, to zigzag, seek some distance then, and to stalk again and finally approach. It sneaks over the meadow and scampers across the trenches, there is fog and mist and damp, and the flickering light. Knock knock under the blanket, a hidden life, there is something hidden and it comes from behind and before you know what is going on you are right into it. In the twilight it goes in circles around you, it creeps over the grassland towards you, it strokes around your knees. It wants to lick your hand and then it is ready to leave again. It rears, it flares up, and then it calms down again. When it is inside of you, it joins your way for a while before it returns to its own one. Then again stretch of land and freshness and serenity and the fog is vanished. A foil can also be a carpet and you can lay yourself upon it and while laying you might notice this laying is a soft sinking into something, a short way down and then again chirping and thin limbs in the moonlight, naked and black and still, though smooth like a breeze. Then a colorful circle and a jump, actually like a flock of midges, always momentarily breaking up, then regathering and consolidating. A short gallop in between and quacking from the left side and it all ends in the desert and there is the red light again and it shrinks and it is tailing off and from that we can tell, that it is departing and it keeps vanishing until it is nothing but a tiny point in the black nothing of night."