1-2 Weeks


1999 fourth album by Graham Bowers (1943-2015). "Pilgrim is just a remarkable piece of music. Powerful and brutal at times, slow and sensitive at others, there is no way of putting it into a safe haven of any category, where everybody could relax and say, yeah, I know, it is jazz, experimental music, electronics, drone, or anything else the avant-garde world has to offer. It's really not that simple. Here, a much greater experiment is taking place. ... Graham Bowers was known for musical and artistic productions that go beyond the so called 'that has been done before.' No, this has NOT been done before. Although the percussion part seemingly is pretty much what we have once heard, the whole structure is almost orchestral. ... You hear the steady beat of percussion, interrupted by some strange sounds. Very low sounds, swelling up once in a while, then again fading away. And while the music picks up, in the middle of the open air, it's as if a glistening light appears, just up there, 30 feet from where you are, somehow interwoven with a sudden fog. And there, you recognize a sculpture. Two human bodies, it seems, constructed out of smoke, intertwined, you are not sure how, you keep guessing, and that strange music is coming in again, faint, loud, slow, powerful, very structured, and when the smoke sculptures dissolve in plain view, so does the music. ... I stand in awe and just watch and listen ... I could say a lot about the masterful play of instruments and so on and on, and I would probably be right in praising its virtues. But for me, even if I'd be alone with my opinion about this music, all alone on the face of the earth, I'd still have to say that it is very humane, very much about human life and life in general. This music is life, the life of a believer, and the life and hopes of many believers. Belief in what? I don't know, and I leave that question open for each of you for your own sake. With this composition and release, Graham Bowers has created an extraordinary piece of art that should be called an artistic revolution. At least, that's what I am calling it" --Fred M. Wheeler. CD accompanied by a fold-out booklet containing the associated artworks painted by Graham Bowers.