Muzikal Yooth

OM 011LP OM 011LP

The Green Door Studio opened its (confusingly black) doors to Glasgow's vibrant music community at the end of 2007. Set up by three Glasgow-based musicians Emily MacLaren (Michael Dracula/The Lady Vanishes), Sam Smith (Mother & The Addicts) and Jamie Greer (Park Attack), who, sick of using other people's clinical digital studios and being told by engineers "You can't do that," decided to create a musician-friendly space where "Actually you can." Having filled the studio with the creakiest and crankiest analog gear, the studio splits its time between recording commercial clients -- the first album recorded behind the (now-painted) green door was Alasdair Roberts' Spoils, released on Drag City and voted the 4th best album of 2009 by Wire magazine -- and free music production workshops and recording opportunities for young people and unsigned musicians sponsored by The Scottish Arts Council. The recordings on this album are the results of these workshops and are split between The Green Door Kids (aged 10-16) involved in the Youth Music Summer School and their slightly more grown-up counterparts (aged 18-25) enrolled on the Song-Crafters Production Course. The young musicians involved helped to engineer their own sessions and were all involved in the mixing and production. Ever wanted to hear a bunch of kids tearing into The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and the sublime garage classic "Louie Louie"? Ever wondered what it would sound like if you let an assortment of talented young musicians from some of Glasgow's finest new bands let loose in a studio to record whatever they liked? And how about two 10 year-old twins from Possil (via Ghana) covering the infectious minimal dance grooves of New York's finest, ESG? Your wait is over!