1-2 Weeks
Red Greg: The Sounds Of Gregory Carmichael

TEG 3312CD TEG 3312CD

2007 release. "Producer, arranger, instrumentalist, and label owner Greg Carmichael ran with the prominent members of the underground disco/boogie brigade like Patrick Adams and LeRoy Burgess, but he remains one of the lesser recognized figures from the scene. Despite this, he was every bit a key behind-the-scenes member of the dance music world and deserves the recognition accorded to those he worked with. Carmichael, along with Adams, was behind Universal Robot Band, Inner Life, Phreek, and Bumblebee Unlimited. Each of these outfits delivered a handful of club classics that endure as house-DJ favorites decades after their original release ('Dance and Shake Your Tamborine,' 'Barely Breaking Even,' 'Weekend,' 'Love Bug,' 'Moment of My Life,' and 'I'm Caught Up' being amongst the most popular). A number of Bumblebee Unlimited singles were released through Carmichael's Red Greg label, and Inner Life's 'I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)' was originally issued on his TCT label before Prelude purchased the rights and catapulted it to the top of many club playlists. Carmichael also worked closely with Burgess for the Convertion ('Let's Do It') and Logg ('I Know You Will,' 'Dancing Into the Stars') projects, which also yielded some cream-of-the-crop disco/boogie. The only time Carmichael truly tasted the mainstream was when Cathy Dennis' 'Touch Me (All Night Long),' a cover of a Fonda Rae tune written with Adams, blitzed the pop charts in 1991. By then, he was all but completely removed from the music industry. Peter Brown and Traffic Entertainment are proud to present this rare collective of the work of Greg Carmichael and his label, Red Gregg Records."