Der Supermann: Song Collection 1975-1979

BB 018CD BB 018CD

The Bureau B label presents a compiled history of the collaboration between Austrian theater and TV actress, Heidelinde Weis and composer/keyboardist, Kristian Schultze. Who would have thought somebody like Heidelinde Weis had done fluffy bossa nova and gallant funk? A few DJs have known it for a few years, mainly because the tracks "Der Supermann" and "Hans Emmerich" belong to their repertoire. Now, everyone has access with this release that combines the best songs from the three albums that emerged from this unique musical love affair, originally released in 1975, 1976 and 1979. The music world was quite amazed when the debut album first appeared: extremely laid back, jazzy bossa nova taking turns with slick '70s funk, and above it sizzling, lascivious vocals with often blatantly erotic lyrics. This album was a major commercial success, and received the German award from the Phonoakademie. The musical mastermind behind the project was Kristian Schultze, to this day, keyboardist for Doldinger's Passport, and a busy soundtrack composer and arranger. Back then, he had randomly written a few bossa novas, and didn't quite know what to do with them. He recorded them, and gave them to his friend Heidelinde Weis to cheer her up, because she was hospitalized at the time. As a pastime, she wrote lyrics to the music, and Schultze was delighted. Schultze invited first-class accompanying musicians to play on the record, including Sigi Schwab (guitar), Dave King (bass), and even Austrian clarinet legend, Fatty George. Until this day, Heidelinde Weis and Kristian Schultze are very proud of their collaboration. To give this treasure the attention it deserves, it is housed in a digipak with a fancy 20-page booklet that includes many unreleased photographs from Heidelinde's private archive, and two informative interviews with the artists.