Games Of Dares

KD 024EP KD 024EP

"After blazing a trail through all things house and techno over the last year our favorite Irishman returns to the Kindisch sandbox with 3 funk-shoveling dance floor weapons. The last year has seen him contribute remixes and releases to an onslaught of respectable labels including the likes of Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly, Sven Väth's Cocoon and Luciano's Cadenza. Ok, put your tongue back in your mouth and let the music wipe up that mess you just made on the floor. Hefty and hulking right from the beginning 'Tension, Release' is a carnal beast of heavyweight House. No 'girlie-man-back-in-bed-at-4 A.M'. House here. This is 'look-down-at-your-watch-say, 'screw it' and-soldier-on-to-the-after-party' beats. Fully equipped with heavy artillery consisting of ray gun synthesizer effects, chanting vocals and warped clunking bells. This is a versatile and unique tool that will be applauded by DJ's from many different genres. 'Expression' is a testament to Gavin's sound. You can here his signature touch on the track right through the bubbling melodic bass line, finicky detail to sound design and his ability to effortlessly layer sounds. This is one of those tracks that has his mark all over it, proving he is not just following the pack. There is not too much that is random about 'The Random.' An upright guitar bass line are the backbone of this bad boy, but really what whisks you away and off your feet is the modulating filtered pads. Their simple melody spreads warmth and feeling like a fireplace in a chilled Norwegian hut. People like Gavin are why electronic music is moving forward. Technology has given us endless possibilities as well as the means to attain them. There is so much room to explore, and Herlihy is one of those people who are not afraid to put on the hard hat and jump in head first. He is definitely one to watch for the future, which is just fine with us."