Indigo/In The House


"In Chicago there weren't a lot of dance clubs or places youth could go to enjoy the nightlife, meet girls OR boys, and get loose on the dancefloor... so there became a strong revival of the 'house party'. Where one person would get a sound system & DJ, red or black lights, few beers or bottles of liquor, and throw a party in the basement of their own (or relatives) house. You would invite your close friends and all the cool people in your neighborhood, and the later into the night it got... the more packed it would get. The music they played at these became known as 'House Music!' Now Chicago has always been rough and these parties happened on the South or West sides of the city, so you couldn't just rock up on your own and you couldn't necessarily just walk into an outside neighborhood's house party to jam. You would go to the House Party with your whole crew, it eventually turned into a community showcase of all the different factions in the local area, but here you didn't compete with fists or weapons, at the house party your crew represented on the dancefloor. Each different crew had dance routines plus call & response phrases they would sound out during the best jams to the beat (one would say something fly and his crew would repeat it, or respond and it also had to be clever, catch everyone's attention). This would 'turn the party up' and get everyone going, and soon became as much a part of House music as the beats and melodies that everyone loved to hear. 'In the House' is Hypnotic's ode to that era, our band's attempt to explore the original principles of that style of music. We wanted to present it with our own Brass twist but definitely going back to the root of what it is the music was meant to display. HBE prides ourselves on being musical historians and enjoying the ability to explore ALL styles of music in our stage performances and albums. We touched on this with song 'Lets Get the Party Started' from our 2009 self-titled album. On this track we just took it a bit further, and gave the people something for dancefloor that they can bump in all elements of their life. It's always good when you can have fun while you work, and this track is one that's just as fun to play for us as it is for people to listen to. Also gives audiences a sneak peek into the Hypnotic Brass live concert and energy (right on wax), so it was natural to lead with this one as a single."