Complete Expressions

BL 754174LP BL 754174LP

"The spectrum of musical expression has broadened considerably in recent years and it would appear that no extent of sound development has escaped some for of interpretation in music. One of the most basic instruments that seems to be an integral part of any size musical group is the piano, whose eighty-eight keys have produced a limitless variety of sounds, rhythms and harmonies in every conceivable form. The list of piano greats is comprised of masters of this instrument who have entertained and educated music lovers in jazz, blues, pop, rock and the classics. It is rare to discover a pianist who combines all of these directions into a style that is unique, distinctive and totally fresh in approach, but Don Walker is that kind of a talent. A native of Evanston, Illinois, Don graduated from Northwestern University and served his musical apprenticeship with the likes of Nancy Wilson and Young-Holt Unlimited. Early in 1970, Don embarked on his own and formed The Complete Expressions, in itself an indication of what Don Walker is all about. In the relatively short life of this new trio, critics have described it as 'traveling a broad road between commercialism and experimentation,' to which Walker adds, 'We also try to stretch out.' Don is a strong rhythmic player who puts much emphasis on a contemporary soul sound, while displaying an uncanny expertise on fast blue tunes. This debut album contains mostly original songs composed by Walker, plus an imaginative rendition of the Lennon-McCartney classic, 'Dear Prudence.' Whatever your tastes in music happen to be, we predict The Complete Expressions will more than satisfy your appetite for the inventive, new direction in music served up by the exciting sounds of Don Walker."