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L.A. Turnaround

DC 413CD DC 413CD

"Drag City is 'chuffed' to announce the firsttime release on CD of the three albums Bert Jansch recorded for The Famous Charisma Label in the 1970s: L.A. Turnaround, Santa Barbara Honeymoon and A Rare Conundrum, all of which have been out of print for decades and are among the most sought-after Jansch albums among fans and collectors. For these new releases, Bert Jansch handpicked the bonus material, much of which is previously unreleased. In some cases this material has been unheard by anyone in thirty years, including Bert himself. Bert Jansch was signed to Charisma by label boss Tony Stratton Smith in 1973, the year that Pentangle decided to go their separate ways. L.A. Turnaround appeared in September 1974 to great acclaim, hailed in the press as 'not far off from being the perfect album.' It was produced by former Monkee Mike Nesmith at Stratton Smith's house in the country in Crowbridge, Sussex, and in Los Angeles, and features not only Nesmith on guitar but also pedal steel guitar maestro Red Rhodes, then in Nesmith's group. Rhodes' presence gives the album a unique sound enhancing Bert Jansch's own songwriting and performance skills with his haunting steel guitar. Other tracks on the album were completed by a group including Klaus Voorman on bass and, on certain songs, slide guitarist Jesse Ed Davis and fiddle player Byron Berline, giving this album an authentic L.A. '70s vibe, despite its UK origins. This edition of L.A. Turnaround is also enhanced to include a previously-unseen 13 minute cinema-verité film, made during the recordings at Stratton Smith's Sussex mansion and featuring Bert, Mike Nesmith and Red Rhodes recording and performing four songs including 'Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning.' This charming, informal film -- a wonderful historical document -- also sees everyone chatting, dining and playing billiards at the pub -- brilliantly capturing the atmosphere of the sessions. Each of these new editions is packaged using the original artwork along with contemporary photos, etc." Includes commentaries by Mick Houghton and Tony Stratton Smith.