The Good Robot

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"From the beginning, I knew that with this subject, if not approached in the genuine way, could be misleading as to why I would make a project on the subject as predictable as pet robots. It is clear to me that robots will become more important as they integrate into our everyday lives and increasingly so in the far future. With this view of certainty, the inescapable facts about how we will shape our existence will grow as we wrestle with how much civility our societies will require. My interest grew over the past year on this subject and the view I've developed of the negligent and reckless usage of technology like computers, Internet, reproductive science and artificial intelligence. Enhanced by the media sources, these instances of deceit and alternative motives become major, influential and controlling. It seems that in our quest to perfect ourselves and the world around us, we often accept and ignore tradition, the values that are taught and learned in the process. Though the title is called The Good Robot, it isn't about good or a robot at all. Instead it references the multilateral degree of bad that we humans wield upon ourselves and each other, decorated under the mantra of good or better. The Good Robot signifies bad deeds. Earned by the inability to accept our limitations and the future we expect to be involved in, we allow and endorse a scale of morals that fall short of our human mental and physical capacity. A focus only on the results, not the method and process in which it took to arrive at such a state has become the norm. As we needlessly shed away things like intent, technique, perspective (which leads to personal expression) and consequence, we are leaving a path for future generations in which it will become impossible to follow and understand. There is always a reason for every action we make, but when the actions themselves become the only purpose, there is short term success. Robots committing dark tasks that evolve from our alter egos is nothing new. Since the dream of artificial humans began, there has always been the need to counter the charge of whether we as humans have to capacity to accept robots as just our servants. We want all good robots, but are we capable of producing them?"