Sidetracking is Jona's inventive, diverse debut album. Created over the course of two highly creative years, Sidetracking features studio collaborations with some of Jona's musician and producer friends to complement the album's solo productions. Driven by his desire to explore new sound perspectives and ideas, Jona has carefully forged his career path by consistently creating exciting and forward-thinking music. His previous outings on Alex Niggemann's Aeon label, including "Traffic" on Lost Tapes Volume 1 (2014), have seen him fine-tune his own unique sound. By incorporating a wide range of styles into his tracks, Jona strives to break down unnecessary boundaries and ignite that hallowed dancefloor flame. It is therefore no wonder that his solo and collaborative creations for Sidetracking have yielded such stimulating aural delights. "Microcosm," with its subtly mesmeric intro and snappy, swinging percussive energy, is the perfect introduction to the spiraling, glitchy ambience of "Descent into the Abyss." Rue de Plaisance label founder Varoslav, a Parisian of Czech origin, brings his heartfelt creative energy to the gentle chiming chug of "Over and Out," the album's first collaborative venture. "The Chase," a studio jam with the somewhat mysterious Usio (whose 2013 Kuwa Huru album on Studio Barnhus (BARN 012LP) deserves attention from everyone), features an utterly compelling Afrobeat-influenced percussive groove topped with swirling, funk-fueled stabs and strings; mesmerizing, melodious piano; and a large helping of pure hip-swinging goodness heavily influenced by the jazz music with which Jona was so in love during his formative years. The funk factor explodes when Bolivian percussionist Daniel Aguilar unleashes his skills on Jona's stripped-back, bass-heavy "Drive." The filmic qualities and ambient beauty of "Detachment" show yet another side to Jona's diverse compositional palette, complemented perfectly by Italian pianist Giovanni Verga's delicate touch. Jona has found a kindred spirit in David K (Cocoon, Souvenir), and their combined creative energy sparks with joyous abandon on "Space Jungle," setting the scene perfectly for Jona's bubbling solo excursion "The Temple." The dubbed-out skank of "Transmission Breakdown" sees Jona's experimental creative juices in full flow, as he teams up with Edinburgh-based digital composer and sound artist Dave House (aka The Reverse Engineer) for a delightfully hazy downtempo jam that flows perfectly into "Hidden Away," the album's stunning, melancholic finale, once again featuring Verga's keyboard wizardry.