Rinse: 12


Kismet takes the incendiary Rinse series on its twelfth outing, a pulsing journey through the deep, soulful and minimal branches of the vast forest known as house music. Holding down Monday night's 9PM-11PM set on Rinse FM with his crew Circle (as well as his own peak-time Friday night 9PM-11PM set), Kismet is one of Rinse FM's most revered DJs from an up-and-coming scene. When he first began DJing as a teenager, garage was thriving on the underground and about to cross into the mainstream. UK giants such as EZ and Norris "Da Boss" Windross left little room for fresh-faced newcomers to make their mark. As house and garage parted ways, Kismet followed house's path, continuing to collect records. Meanwhile, British rave music continued to splinter and evolve, and each time it shed its skin, new champions were born. Now, Kismet is the young blood of the new generation of DJs who play house to London's underground dancefloors. Kismet has built his respect and following on unerring taste and a record-bag which is regularly restocked with upfront heaters. Rinse: 12 showcases why he is one of the most cherished DJs amongst Rinse FM listeners. Kismet is at the forefront of a new generation of British house DJs and, much like Alexander Nut's Rinse mix, Rinse: 12 invites the listener to experience a relatively nascent but very true club scene at ground level. Running parallel to the commercially-celebrated "funky" scene, but playing to a more aurally-sophisticated crowd -- for those old enough to remember the splinter between "uplifting house & garage" and "garage," we are at a similar crossroads. Strengthening London's sonic links between Detroit and Berlin, Kismet invites all to hear how young London gets down to house in 2010. Artists include: Thomas Schumacher, 2000 And One, DJ Madskillz, cirE aka Error, C. Robert Walker, Rishi Romero, Hiro, Dealers Of Funky Music, Leo Fernandez, Mike Jacinto & Mark Mendes, IC (Circle), Lebzito, DJ HAL, David Garcet & K. Hocini, Kolombo, Glenn Fiasco, Todd Bodine, Plasmik, Wbeeza, and Tina Penni Anne.