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AR 012EP AR 012EP

After a ten EPs in few years on respected labels such as Clergy, ARTS, Mord and an acclaimed debut album on Skryptöm, young and promising techno producer Kmyle is back on the French label Astropolis Records with Keroual EP, three originals and a stunning remix from French veteran Zadig. A contemporary EP that embodies all Kmyle's technical and elegant techno, energy and his singular melodic synth work. First up is the eponym track "Keroual", in reference to Astropolis' setting, a beautiful trip to its fairyland and a large electronic universe, with emotive melodies and light chords. An enchanting meditative and dancing track, as well-suited for the dancefloor as it is for home listening. Samy steps the tempo up with "Telegraph" and falls into darkness, undulating slowly in an evil dance, with a tense melody, a rumble bassline and a hypnotic techno. A metallic tune that works on every dancefloor. On the flip side, "Syncopa" keeping the drive, seems tailored for a huge night with a forceful kick and a booming energy on its introduction, rapidly caught by a dramatic, intense and sizzling melody, enigmatic atmospheres and euphoric chords. A big tune for a big floor with a hammering beat and a delicious dark groove. French well respected producer Zadig ends the EP with a brutal and gloomy version of "Keroual", under a "Day Is Dying remix", a wink to his hardcore project. An obsessive kick with a rave-y '90s vibe turning violently the track in a stripped-back hardcore version and its intensity. Uncompromising and raw, quite cinematic at the beginning, slow-burning to madness. A pleasant chaos anthem dedicated to industrial atmospheres.