Summer Loop


"Krak Street Boyz -- the tradition continues, as with the first 3 releases on tsfa -- the same goes here. Humor + funk + serious groove = an ass shaking adventure worthy of a spot on the Travel Channel. (Or possibly the Animal Planet). This is the debut of the Krak Street Boyz yes, but they certainly are not a new band... nope nope nope. These lovely lookin boys have already rocked crowds internationally in such famous clubs like Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Fluid (Bogota), Groove (Mexico City), Chances (Dubai) and many other clubs stretching all over this globe. The Krak Street Boyz combine street funk with sophisticated rhythms to form a sound completely and undeniably their own. On the A side, the Boyz let you know that summer is alive, summer isn't about weather outside -- it is about the amount of love in your heart, its about that warm bassline that won't let you go. It's about that fat snare that keeps showing up saying 'can I hang with you guys?,' relax a bit and enjoy, life is easy and love is destiny. All the rest is just pure bullshit. On the B side, well...these hustlers show you exactly what they mean, the Krak is in the street BABY! You don't gotta buy it, but hell... you know its there. The first cut 'Step Up' promotes one of the only innocent joyz in life SEX. Naked, all night long, rocking. This one has been tested in the clubs for months, and we can tell you honestly -- it rocks. That warm bassline forever morphing, the vocal stabs suggesting that you do exactly what you want and 'step up baby' -- enough talk JUST DO IT. The second cut, more geared for the later nights when everyone in the club is cracked out, moves intensely and with a distinct attitude. The bass pumps, and the subtle melody reminds you 'the party is still going, work? Hell no.' Clattering percussions done so well, you won't even hear the clatter -- a truly well rounded EP."