The Noise in the Sky

BEC 5161145 BEC 5161145

LP version with CD. Krazy Baldhead, "Ed Banger's best-kept treasure," introduces his second album, The Noise In The Sky. Krazy Baldhead is one of the Ed Rec crew's accomplished musicians: he spent ten years at the conservatory practicing electronic instruments, piano, guitar, bass and percussion. This is an artist who didn't hesitate to go off to India to practice the tabla and infuse himself with their hypnotic rhythms for four months. For his second album, Krazy Baldhead delved into his '70s influences: while on tour for The B-Suite (BEC 5772476/ BEC 5772499), he traveled by day listening to '70s jazz and played by night in electro clubs and festivals. While in Detroit to play at the DEMF festival, he visited the historic Motown studios in Hitsville, USA and realized the duality of his musical position: influenced on one side by '70s sounds and being part of the Ed Banger label; in his studio, vintage Moogs and Rhodes share the space with an Ableton computer and its plug-ins: he questioned himself on this duality and endeavored to find a musical answer. The result is absolutely contemporary, but also influenced by a branch of '70s culture, building bridges between Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters and Amon Tobin, between Weather Report and Skream. On stage, Krazy Baldhead plays live with machines, keyboards and pedals, giving a different result every night. For his new tour, he has surrounded himself with videos created by Flashback, who also directed the video for "Surabaya Girl," which followed a multicolored pinwheel through Paris.