Out Of Reality

2MR 053LP 2MR 053LP

Beloved DJ, producer and songwriter Lauren Flax announces Out Of Reality out via 2MR. Much of Out Of Reality's cohesion comes from Flax's expansive production, using simple elements to craft intricate backdrops for the questions posed by her songs. On the EP's titular track, Alejandra Deheza's (School of Seven Bells) crystaline vocals are woven against a delicate tapestry of arpeggiated keys, sparse percussion and haunting cello. Detachment isn't always detrimental; sometimes you have to step outside to get a better view. Lauren Flax knows this -- as a DJ, producer and songwriter, her discography is notoriously genre-defiant, consisting of an impressive array of solo tracks, collaborations, and remixes. The most recent of these -- her mesmerizing take on Pale Blue's "Breathe" -- saw her experimenting with a new style of writing. "I wanted to explore that sound more," Flax explains, "more of a synth exploration, textures with less beats." The pared-down songwriting approach lent itself to thematic considerations as well: she'd been thinking about the repetitive nature of the life cycle -- the Indian concept of Samsara -- and felt a general disappointment at humanity's lack of progress. On her new EP Out Of Reality, she washes that disappointment in lush sonic hues, stepping outside the Quotidien for a new perspective. Though its themes span beyond the scope of our current socio-political moment, Out Of Reality feels, right now, like an especially tantalizing proposition. Pandemic-driven escapism has bred a new crop of otherworldly music designed to transport the listener somewhere better. But Flax isn't interested in escapism for its own sake -- there's still work to be done here on Earth, after all. Instead, through a combination of live instrumentation and ethereal synths, Out Of Reality grants you a respite from the real so you can return to it with a clear head. Features remix by Skream.