Sing A Song For Me

RDM 13067CD RDM 13067CD

This is the second full-length release from Switzerland's Lee Everton for Rootdown Records. On Sing A Song For Me, organs, an on-point brass section, percussion, various offbeat-rhythms and the ubiquitous guitar build the foundation for Lee Everton's intriguing and welcoming voice. Everton is a wizard of relaxation: he renders the roaring guitars of "Don't Make It Too Hard" as chill as a walk on the beach. He is even able to soothe the blues out of Tom Waits' "Anywhere I Lay My Head." Nevertheless, a light melancholy lies in between all the lines, though jovially-jumping rhythms, as well as a fair portion of common sense, keep the music from becoming a self-pitying walk through a valley of tears. "Cry For Me" is made purely out of organic, hand-made reggae, topped with a glamorous melody. In contrast, the contemplative, soul-laden "You've Still Got A Hold On Me" brings the singer/songwriter back to the table with a gentle piano. Coming from the deep crates of Bob Dylan, Lee Everton's version of "If Not For You" becomes, with the help of a fragile melody and an island feel, one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days. "I Want To Hold On" partially reminds of Procul Harum's "A Whiter Shade Of Pale," but with only a guitar and a voice to carry the melody. Despite all the richness of detail, Lee Everton's songs remain simple, with relaxed and airy melodies. Everton left his homeland at age 18 and studied at the Jamaican School of Music in Kingston where he discovered his love for the sound of the Caribbean. He brought this spirit back to Switzerland and quickly became a pioneer in the newly-burgeoning Swiss rap- and reggae-scene as an MC and guitarist for the group Sendak. His 2008 debut Inner Exile (RDM 13044CD) established him as an extraordinary artist with a trans-global, harmonic vision and a voice somewhere between Dylan, Van Morrison and Bob Marley. Sing A Song For Me continues and expands upon this promising young artist's trajectory as an important and inventive singer/songwriter.