Keepers Of The Light


Keysound Recordings now present the long-awaited debut album by LHF, Keepers Of The Light. LHF are a shadowy, indistinct collective and, even to their label, not much about their existence is clear; confusion and deception are their modes of normality. LHF coalesced over five years ago, achieving dense form around Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Low Density Matter, Octaviour, Escobar Seasons, Solar Man and Lumin Project. Exhale acts as events and communications lieutenant for the clan. Members are at home in London, Mumbai, L.A., Rio, and New York, while simultaneously heading out into the near reaches of the cosmos or back into the distant fading light of the past. It is unknown whether there are multiple players behind each recording persona, or whether certain actors individually play several parts. In investigating LHF, you will encounter a web of ghostly MySpace pages, virtual-world echoes, and other intergalactic debris-fields that form circular dead-ends, like a labyrinth with no entrance or exit or a recurring sound that has never started and will never end, absorbed into its own self-generated stellar context. When any clan member plays selector in the dance, they take with them "The Stack," a half-foot-tall spindle of unmarked CD-Rs that archives obscure dubs like growth rings in an ancient Sequoia trunk. A tiny proportion of these tracks make up scenes in the heroic two-disc saga that is Keepers Of The Light. Sequenced like a DNA strand, the twin tracklists of Keepers Of The Light entwine each other like a double helix, maintaining a discreet distance as constant as their proximity, while their twists and turns act to blueprint newly-emergent audio life-forms. LHF have left a trail of obscure mixes in their wake; "Infiltration 1-6," "Keepers Of The Light 1-3," multiple sessions for Dusk & Blackdown on Rinse FM, Mary Anne Hobbs, and FACT Magazine, as well as the weekly United Vibes Sub FM show. Their legacy is hundreds, if not thousands, of found and lost tracks, waiting to be uncovered. Keysound co-manager Blackdown calls it this way; "LHF sound like Sun Ra has hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens." So what sound does this bravura 26-chapter album evoke? The sound of nothing less than a myth in the making, a glorious narrative of the low end's expansion from theory to hypothesis to lab-tested articulation, and a record that will tell you itself how eagerly you never knew you anticipated it until it entered your headspace, like a decades-dormant brain implant marking a future extra-terrestrial abductee. Keepers Of The Light is a latter-day seed of destiny, the flame all global acolytes of bass music seek to ignite.