Ray Of Dark


"Linda Aubry Bullock's subtle emergence on to the Boston experimental music scene in 2002 was a smile inducing surprise for those of us who knew her solely as a visual artist. It was quickly apparent however, that this was no novelty as she excelled in a range of projects with her unyielding analog electronic contributions. After seeing Bullock perform many times over the years and then hearing the menacing piece 'Ray of Dark' on the Rare Frequency radio program in August of 2008, we were inspired to commission her to submit a full length's disc of material for a long overdue debut release. While LAB does fly solo, she truly thrives in collaborative settings, several with her partner, the composer Mike Bullock, who appears here with Twilight of the Century. What we love about her work is its directness and purity. Her electronics recall certain bleak atmospheres and sensibilities of many mid-80s post-industrial artists: menacing, pulsating, and droning. Her work is not overt or obvious though, instead inserting its way into your system like a deadly parasite or virus. The order of material on the disc was skillfully assembled to work as a whole in this way and we recommend listening to it rather loudly with the shades drawn." artist statement: "'Twilight of the Century' is a collaboration between Century Plants (Eric Hardiman and Ray Hare) and rise set twilight (Linda Aubry Bullock and Michael T. Bullock). The first 4 tracks are our reaction pieces to this performance -- material taken from 'Twilight of the Century''s performance on July 31, 2008 in Albany, NY. The other two pieces on this album, while not directly involving 'TotC' are related to the time that the group was forming. I feel that A Specific Gravity is the shadow self of 'TotC.' It was recorded by Michael T.Bullock during a residency at STEIM in Amsterdam, NL in June 2009. If I drew a Venn Diagram, the center would contain The Story of Mike, the sets being friendship, family, and places. It was inspired by a recording of Seth Cluett and Jennifer Eberhart as they were conjecturing on the origins of MTB."