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Do It Again!

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The story of Los Mockers is truly unusual. Formed in Montevideo in 1963, they were one of the first Uruguayan R&B bands. They recorded one LP and a couple of singles in Argentina in 1966 and broke up one year later, truncating a promising career. Unexpectedly, from the early 80s on their only LP was reissued by independent labels in different parts of the world: Uruguay, Spain, the US, and Sweden. This established the reputation of Los Mockers as a cult band beyond their country of origin. Their influence has kept on growing since then and new generations of bands keep discovering their music, playing it live and recording their own versions of Mockers songs. In 2006, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary LP, Los Mockers decided to realize a long-held dream: the original line-up got back together, with the exception of drummer Beto Freigedo, who had died years before in a motorbike accident. With the collaboration of the great drummer Germán Vilella (formerly of Los Rodríguez), some intense and emotional recording sessions took place. The reunion became a celebration and the feeling came back as if they'd never been apart, producing a handful of new songs where the incredible energy and the typical vocal strength of Los Mockers are present again. Side A of this record features these new tracks and is completed with a document from the band's origins: one of their first recordings, unissued until now, registered in 1965 in the Radio Ariel radio station of Montevideo. The title couldn't be more fitting: "Time Is On My Side." Meanwhile, numerous bands from different countries have revisited the classic songs of Los Mockers. Side B contains a surprising selection of covers, some faithful to the original, others more personal and imaginative. However, they all represent a warm tribute by a new generation of bands that found inspiration in those pioneering recordings by Los Mockers.