The Bismarck


"The Valentinos, or as I should say now, The Lost Valentinos? Or the band 'formerly known as' The Valentinos before their legendary name change? Anyway. Poor little conquistadors just want to make music, not stress over clause 23 in the trademark agreement over who has the rights to a name. Fuck those people, if they only knew about music, if they had a soul, they would pay these kids to share their name! Man, there is some whackheads out there without a vision. But thank god we do. And thank god the Lost Valentinos do. Together, we are like the Aussie version of Obama. 'We don't need to change the players, we need to change the game.' Amazing. Anyway. These kids have a vision and a good vision it is. Last time Kim 'party machine' Moyes of Presets and 6 million ARIA fame produced their album. This time with the addition of the human metronome, Simon Parker (formerly of Damn Arms) they sacrificed their cushy Sydney digs and suntans and koala bongs and to moved to a shithole some thought was a good place called East London or 'shoreditch' to the people that read Dazed and Confused. Now that's a sacrifice. You might think oh god! Poor kids! How could they do that? But the trade was well worth it. Ewan Pearson traded his shoreditch-based production talent for their Conquistadisco souls and it was a good trade. Worked for the Rapture and Goldfrapp and it has definitely worked for the Lost Valentinos. We signed the first single, The Bismarck, and it is sweet. It's kinda Aussie with a touch of INXS vocal style, kinda dark but not too dark, a bit dance, a touch sad, a bit heavy and with a whole lot of groove. It has building, gnarly synth lines balanced with soft melodies, gothic, choir -ike vocals, a driving bass line, and more sonic layers than the band has moustaches. Woah! The remix package is big. Real big. First up, is the Goldenbug mix -- proper nuevo dancefloor cool from the Parisian slash Barcelonan cut-up disco doctor on Berlin punk-funk label, Gomma. Next, the local Sydney via Perth nu- heroes The Canyons have come through with a slow, drugged-out version that you could imagine Bez losing his nut to. Knife Machine take things even darker and more wonky with their mix and the Japanese duo the Dexpistols have come up with a remix so noisy, you wish you had brought some of those earmuffs ravers wear.'