Other Dimension

UY 006LP UY 006LP

Formerly Tel Aviv-based DJ, producer, and Girl-Scout-leader Magit Cacoon joined with Upon.You in 2012 after relocating to Berlin and making some serious waves in the city's -- and Europe's -- club circuit. Since then, her vibrant sense of melodic thrills and her enchanting personality have produced a flawless amalgamation of stunning performances behind the decks, while her production and studio persona has created a unique signature sound directly derived from her experience as an air-miles-collecting DJ. She's come a long way from her 2011 debut Voyage 34 on her own Girl Scout label, via releases on Be As One Imprint and Whatpeopleplay, remixes for the UK outfit Porcupine Tree, and a string of groundbreaking releases on Upon.You Records. Her specific musical vision now fully unfolds on her full-length debut, Other Dimension, a seductive yet playful and surely spine-thrilling statement of a matured and fully-grown artistic mind. Written and produced in collaboration with Oliver Deutschmann, Other Dimension covers the whole spectrum of vibrant contemporary club music that, although closely bonded to the framework of house, tech-house, chromatic (neo) trance, and related 4/4-based derivatives, moves way beyond pure dancefloor functionality. Magit Cacoon's universal approach and vision is perhaps most apparent in her use of her most natural and intimate instrument: her own voice. From the carefully crafted ambient soundscapes of the epic intro tune "Plant M" to the overwhelming bass pleasure and cinematic melancholia of "Crime (Who's Afraid of Berlin)," the journey continues into the anthemic, late '80s Detroit chord progression of "Freedom Is Timeless," before "Love Express" works dancefloors uncompromisingly. Things speed up with the frolicking basslines and condensed atmosphere of "No Compromise," while the title-track once again proves Magit Cacoon's touch for long, epic build-ups, and sweet, melancholia-struck melodies, this time served on a slightly techier foundation. "Ghetto Xberg" fuses huge string arrangements and bleepy acid lines to a great effect while the subaquatic bass excursion "Oddity Sound" brings in Drexciyan qualities and vibes. More heavily trippin' bass pressure is found in "Light," which -- despite its title -- flirts with darker, more threatening powers while working sweat-soaked crowds to the max. The powerful, buzzing "Summertime Space" is as primetime-bound as its predecessor. Finally, with "Orion," the album's closing tune, things come full cycle again when slowly pounding low-frequency sounds and calm ambient soundscapes complement each other nicely, perfectly rounding off the full-length debut of an extraordinary artist.