Early Electronic/Tape Collage Music


2022 restock. "Alga Marghen proudly presents an LP edition including some of the seminal electronic/tape collage pieces by Malcolm Goldstein, created in close connection to the sulphuric New York pre-Fluxus environment of the early 1960s. The 1960s downtown New York City, rich with activities, doors opening upon a world fertile with possibilities: the delightful unknown. Malcolm Goldstein first worked at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, then joined the Judson Dance Theater with dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists all interacting in the common ground of improvisation/exploration. Most of the music on this recording was created for the Judson Dance Theater, 'Sheep Meadow' (1966), a collage of two musics, folk & court music, was realized on a very cheap single tape recorder that offered its own electronic distortion embellishments. It was created for an anti-war demonstration to be held in that meadow of Central Park, with a dancer on top of a flat-bed truck and with loudspeakers. 'Images Of Cheng Hsieh' (1967) was for a dance by Carol Marcy at Judson Church, simultaneously with an instrumental ensemble performing from the calligraphic graphic score, with the name of Cheng Hsieh. 'It Seemed To Me' (1963) was composed for a dance by Arlene Rothlein; a collage of traditional musics chosen by her to be incorporated with electronic sounds. 'Judson #6 Piece' (1963) was for Ruth Emerson, using only electronic sounds. Finally 'Illuminations From Fantastic Gardens' (1964), the only composition for a vocal ensemble on this recording, was composed for Elaine Summers' 'An Evening of Fantastic Gardens,' a multi-media event of dance, music, film and visual projections, as part of the Judson Dance Theater concerts. It is the first music notated by Malcolm Goldstein with graphic renditions of the words of Rimbaud and without traditional music notation. Two performers were trained singers, while the others were a visual artist and an actor; two women & two men, all in the spirit of the times, sources coming together, as art & life blended in an overflowing of exploration. Edition limited to 350 copies, also including a 12-page large booklet with the reproduction of the complete 'Illuminations From Fantastic Gardens' graphic score."