Rinse: 10


This is the tenth edition of the Rinse label's compilation series, mixed by Marcus Nasty, founder of legendary grime collective, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, which includes Kano, Ghetts, and D Double E. Features an almost entirely exclusive tracklisting and in-demand club smashes from producers including Crazy Cousinz, Lil Silva, and Roska. Marcus documents funky -- the most current and vibrant evolution of Britain's urban dance scene -- with an hour of all killer and no filler rump-shaker cuts. His style is unique, swift and high octane, a style he developed through his desire to hear as many different tracks as possible in one sitting. His ability to keep the dancefloor moving all night has positioned him as one of funky's most in-demand DJs and his name on a flyer brings ravers from far and wide. When Marcus first came across funky, there was no name for the music. The producers received little attention from DJs because the producers themselves (many of whom had come from grime) didn't know what they were making. Truth be told, they were trying to make house but struggled for recognition because of the difference in production style between their sound and the sanitized U.S. house sound. Marcus recognized this difference as distinctly British and understood it immediately. He called all the producers he knew that were making this new sound and told them to spread the word and to send him their music. A few years on, and Marcus, who was originally inspired by Wigman as the first to introduce the urban scene to house, has been instrumental in developing this latest incarnation of British urban music. So, Rinse: 10 is an absolute must-check for anyone that wants to know about what's going on today in the British urban clubbing scene, as once again, Rinse brings you a mix CD direct from the source. Other artists include: Fuzzy Logic, L.A. Cartier, Ill Blu, Mad One, Vato Gonzalez, Enrique Benetez, Mia Mendez, Altered Natives, Nitro + Plague, Essence, Naughty, Funkystepz, Geeneus, Jamie George, Agent X, Rudimental, May, Mark Ambiance, Perempay, Kris Baya, S-Tee, Sacha, Scotty D & Nikki Slimting, Sweet Boy Candy, Jallapino, Bass Boy, Cad, and Funkystepz.