Marlene Dietrich with the Burt Bacharach Orchestra

BB 007CD BB 007CD

Originally reissued by the Bureau B label in 2007. Presenting the first and most definitive song collection of this outstanding musical collaboration featuring the original Columbia, Philips and RCA recordings. When Marlene Dietrich met arranger and composer Burt Bacharach, her second career had already begun. Following Josef Von Sternberg's magnificent The Blue Angel (1930) in Berlin, a number of average Hollywood productions and her engagement on the side of the Allies in the Second World War, resulting in her eventual U.S. citizenship, Dietrich had, at 50, turned her attention to singing and would continue to tour the world in the 1950s-1970s as a successful entertainer. Together with Burt Bacharach during the '60s, she developed and refined a program, in minute detail, which remained virtually unchanged for years and because of such perfectionism, met with rapturous applause time and again -- standing ovations from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, from Berlin to London, in Warsaw and Tel Aviv. Dietrich herself stated, "Once I had decided to devote myself entirely to performing on stage, he was to become the most important man in my life. He did not just conduct the orchestra and take them through rehearsals, he was also a divine pianist, he practiced with me, he taught me -- his obedient student. He did all this at the same time. He was so patient, so incredibly talented, musically. He took me, a nightclub singer, and turned me into a star of the stage." The glamorous Hollywood vamp knew what a find this young, ambitious man was, and he paid her back in the sweetest-sounding currency imaginable. Bacharach stated, "She was an absolute perfectionist. I had to rehearse with the orchestra for days on end before each performance. I'm a perfectionist myself, but nothing compared to her. One false note could drive her wild. Sometimes the musicians were so exhausted by showtime that they could barely hold their instruments. The reviews would say it was a very intimate concert, full of atmosphere." Twenty of Dietrich's most beloved interpretations, arranged and conducted by one of America's most legendary composers of all time. Includes a 24-page booklet with rare photos, essays, biographical excerpts and an interview with Dietrich on Bacharach.