Freedom Call

BR 043CD BR 043CD

Ten brand new tracks from the Brixton-London band Maroon Town, including a collaboration with Basque singer Fermin Muguruza in the track "Hope". Ten razor sharp examples of the band's classic sound: smoking hot trad ska workouts collide with Latin, rap, and soulful reggae influences to fine effect throughout its duration. Maroon Town's music, although categorized sometimes as reggae, is really an innovative blend of get-up-on-your-feet-and-dance music with noticeable elements of ska, rap, jazz, soul, and funk. As it is well known, Maroon Town fuses the spirituality, and cinematic sound of classic ska with contemporary street rap, and a cheeky slice of Latin funk. The eight-piece explosion of ska, rap, and brassy dub has been tearing up audiences around the world for thirty years with number one tracks and extensive radio play around the globe include songs like "Fire", "Pound To The Dollar", "Cumbia Infernal", "Ya Ya Lemme Tell Dem"... Fresh out of college in 1987, emerged the idea between Deuan German and Rajan Datar of forming a band whilst spending a few months in the small village of Walderston high up in the hills of Jamaica. Back in London they managed to get a sound approximating that of ska and managed to get musical master tips from Prince Buster who they met and London legend Gaz Mayall (The Trojans). The name, Maroon Town, defines perfectly the spirit of the band, freedom, and self-reliance. The Maroons were the runaway slave rebels who escaped from the plantations and formed free autonomous communities. The first lineup of the band (1990) featured three men and four women and there was creative magic between them. One day, Rajan in some reception area in a North London building bumps into John Bradbury, the drummer of The Specials (his teenage heroes) and they bonded and Brad went on to produce the band's first single "City Riot" which was a version of Cannonball Adderley's "Jive Samba" which had also been covered by Prince Buster. They pressed up their own 7"s and almost immediately, John Peel was playing it regularly. In a very short space of time Maroon Town started to get a lot of recognition. The inspiring live act has been performing at prestigious venues and festivals all over the continent. They also made history when they were sponsored to the tune of £100,000 by Dr. Martens.