We Are Part Of Us And So Are You

SBL 5034CD SBL 5034CD

"Max Brennan is very well known and much loved in Britain as well as elsewhere. He records for Holistic as Fretless AZM and for Peacefrog as Maxwell House. He is a tireless live performer and can be heard jamming away from Brighton to Aberdeen drumming up highly enthusiastic reviews wherever he goes. He is a really unique talent and is gradually pulling in admirers from all areas of the music community. Now he comes rocking back onto the Sublime Records roster with yet another believable serving of undiluted funky Funk! He's been out on his home island, The Isle of Wight, watching the skies and it would appear that he's made contact! This album is dedicated to our continuing love affair with those little green/gray men in saucers and each slice of fat grooves comes liberally sprinkled with references, hence the title. But to say that this is an album about aliens is to ignore the real power of Max's musical excellence and this record oozes the kind of funk that you'd associate with artists such as Herbie Hancock or Roy Ayres. There are only nine tracks on this collection but they stretch over a massive 75 minutes and will draw the listener into an utterly unique world; the not-so-private world according to Max Brennan. This is a place where the laidback grooves of classic funk meet the new ideas of the 21st century. There are fat basslines that one feels already familiar with although Max Brennan plays everything live and originally; no samples get used in the musical department! But this is not a retro effect, it really is some new kind of alien funk, other-worldly but without a shadow of a doubt from this planet!"