LP version. Includes printed inner sleeve and download code. Minru is the project of Caroline Blomqvist, a Swedish musician based in Berlin. Woven from light and shadow, the interplay of her folk and indie-rock blend appears from a personal space of finding life after death. On her debut album Liminality she paints melody in soft tones, whispering secrets to navigate feelings of loss. Built around winding layers of acoustic guitar, piano, and strings, Minru is a surprisingly uplifting and stirring testament to Blomqvist's own suffering from the passing of someone close to her. Returning to Berlin from Sweden feelings of grief, confusion, and pain travelled with her, and these emotions prompted the journey both of and within the album, heard as a dreamlike actualization of wandering lost between them. Defined as "the threshold separating one space from another," Liminality moves between feeling the ground beneath your feet fall away, fighting through the darkness and the doubt, and the emerging shades of hope and light as you painstakingly make peace with mortality and find yourself as a person again. Flourishing from a preferred position of solitude, Liminality sees Blomqvist's vision radiate with intensity from her home-based studio in Neukölln -- a small, two-room apartment with squeaky old wooden floors. Capturing the intimacy of the space, she recorded vocals and synth on gear partly borrowed from friends, and the songs flow with a stream of consciousness as feelings become entwined with melody. Time-restraint drew the process to a natural close, preventing Blomqvist from losing herself to experimentation. Finished and self-produced at a Berlin-Lichtenberg recording studio alongside musical friends (Povel Widestrand, Tobias Blessing, Sunniva Lilian Shaw Of-Tordarroch, Marlene Becher, and Liv Solveig Wagner), the result is beautifully detailed and rich like the folk of her Swedish roots. First picking up a guitar as a kid and becoming obsessed with it, she would skip school to spend extra hours mastering the instrument, grappling to perfect the "Stairway to Heaven" intro. After attending music high school in Gothenburg and playing in bands during her teens, Blomqvist later moved to Germany. She performed with Tuvaband, Adna, and Tara Nome Doyle and played in Berlin venues Loophole and Schokoladen. With the passing of time, she felt a growing urge to find an outlet for her own songs; Minru was the answer along with her first Yearnings EP. Now writing whenever she returns to Sweden, within the calm and stillness of her family's mountainside cabin, her skillfully constructed arrangements summon the comforting atmosphere of home. Liminality is the kind of record that rewards attention. Give this album your time, it will give you its soul.