1-2 Weeks
Shango Over Devil's Moor: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1976

SIR 2169CD SIR 2169CD

"Mombasa was a European band, put together by LA trombonist Lou Blackburn (1922-1990) in 1973. All of their albums between 1975 and 1981 have been recorded in Germany. The trombone of Lou Blackburn carries the lead on most tracks -- snaking out wonderfully over the grooves, with a quality that's amazingly soulful, and which almost has him standing head to head with Fred Wesley as a '70s innovator on his instrument. Other members of the group include Doug Lucas on trumpet, Bob Reed on percussion, Alan Tatham on drums, and Don Ridgeway on electric bass. A great ensemble that knew to mix together jazz and African roots with a sound that's unlike anyone else we can think of -- quite unique in its approach to rhythms, sounds, and solos! On September 2, 1976 Mombasa entered the stage at legendary Stagge's Hotel in Osterholz-Scharmbeck and provided an inspiring and brilliant performance. The complete performance has been preserved and digitally reworked. We are very proud to present this unique audio document Lou Blackburn on Mombasa's music in 1975: 'In describing the music of Mombasa which is a mixture of rhythm, jazz, folklore, blues, spirituals and worksongs, I would prefer not to use the word jazz. Many people ask us, how to describe our type of music. To this I can only answer that I leave it to the audience because I don`t want to give it a label, for me it is simply ours, Mombasa`s music. During the 70's 'Stagge's Hotel' in Osterholz-Scharmbeck (close to Bremen) belonged to a fix part of the tour-schedules of many German and also international bands.' "