Sonic Crusader

BEC 5161721 BEC 5161721

Double LP version in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with CD. Who is Mr Flash? The best-kept secret in French Touch? The beat-maker who ran with the TTC crew in the '90s? The passionate collector of rare and bizarre records? The producer that was called in to help S├ębastien Tellier build his blue musical cult? The man behind a handful of 12"s with saturated contours on Ed Banger Records, combining rock, hip-hop and electro? He's all of that, really. Mr Flash's debut album is titled Sonic Crusader (in reference to an article in Dazed & Confused on the start of Ed Banger), which perfectly illustrates his musical philosophy. Fifteen tracks -- including the classics "Domino" and "Motorcycle Boy" -- resulting in a genuine sonic odyssey condensing all of Mr Flash's obsessions: his passion for phat and melodic hip-hop, his taste for cinematic and illustrative sequences, his influences of polished '70s and '80s productions like Prince, AC/DC, Herbie Hancock or Sun Ra, and electro notions nourished by new-wave and industrial music. The whole thing is enveloped in a cloak of musical grandiosity. A sonic crusade shaped like a rollercoaster of influences that Mr Flash orchestrates with subtlety, taking us in one fell swoop from the sweaty dumps of a club to the melancholy of California highways, sneaking us into the jungle and having us wake up dressed as a modern crooner, before throwing us head-first into the twinkling stars. In the end, it's the perfect soundtrack to a film that's never been shot. Includes a poster.