Ninni Forever Band

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Äänetön is a new record label founded by Ville Pirinen and Sami Sänpäkkilä, two Tampere-based artist/musicians. Ville plays in a number of bands including Seremonia, Steel Mammoth, and Black Audio. Sami makes music under the moniker Es, is a member of Tuusanuuskat and runs Fonal, a label renowned for releasing more experimental music. Äänetön will be focusing on non-mainstream pop and rock music. The first release is the debut solo album from Pintandwefall member Ninni Luhtasaari, recorded and produced jointly by Risto Ylihärsilä and Teemu Markkula. Ninni Luhtasaari is a one-woman artist collective. She is a milliner, a versatile manipulator of moving and still images, a conceptual artist, a multi-instrumentalist, and a songwriter, among other things. Hers is a singular talent with multiple applications. This ability to contemplate things from different angles also characterizes the debut album from Luhtasaari's solo project Ninni Forever Band. Beneath its modern rhythmic, electro-acoustic pop surface, there is an intoxicating abundance of surging crosscurrents to be found. N4EB makes music that forces you up and on the dancefloor -- and gives you pause for thought all at the same time. It is exuberantly melancholy and energetically calm. It is glossy and cool, international-caliber pop music, and a scruffy old friend you just want to squeeze. It is stupidly simplistic and confusingly complex. It is silly and profound, it is mundane and hypersensual, it is DIY and stadium-compatible. Just as you think you have it all figured out, it produces another analysis-defying joker from its sleeve. In the grand tradition of all the best and most interesting pop music, it escapes definition. While Luhtasaari has always exhibited a knack for bold pop exploration with Pintandwefall, on her solo album, she goes deeper than ever before. The music follows murky paths beaten by the likes of Lykke Li, The Leo Bugariloves, The Vaselines, Belaboris, or Pop Levi, but the destination is exclusive to N4EB. The album is chock-full of musicality and melodies; infectious pop songs that get them toes a-tappin' and heads a-boppin'. But more than that, it lingers with you and makes you restless. It is greater than the sum of its parts.