Songs For Nadine

MS 004LP MS 004LP

"Milva Son is pleased to present the first appearance of Bob Frankford on vinyl (along with the simultaneously released track on the label sampler 7"). Other than a handful of pseudonymous cassette micropressings leaked out over the past quarter century, Bob's vision has been, shall we say, strictly personal. In Bob's words: 'At the time, I was deeply immersed in the Basement Tapes, especially the classic boot on Surprise Records, (which still has the best track sequencing of all the various incarnations). I just wanted to sing and play songs like that. And I wanted to be all of the original members of the Dead. I was living in a closet (literally) in an apartment behind the Nottingham co-op in Madison, eating tomato soup and crackers every other day and paying rent with sheets of this ridiculous green gel. My roommate had a dual cassette deck with a mic input. My dad had a cheap classical guitar that I knew he hadn't played for years so I 'borrowed' it and taught myself how to play. I scotch-taped a radio shack microphone to the body and bounced the tracks from one cassette to the other with the microphone input turned on. Some strange things happened, sometimes by accident.' So says Bob, and we are inclined to agree. Some strange things did happen, but perhaps nothing quite so strange as seeing these songs and 'experiments with feedback' made available in the permanent format. The beginning of a long journey, retraced. 300 copies pressed, color printed lyric insert, priced for the Great Recession."