1-2 Weeks
Grossstadtmarchen 2 - Part II


The first part of his big city tale entitled Großstadtmärchen acted like a catapult for Oliver Koletzki in 2009, pushing him from the DJ booth into the limelight of electronic pop music. Now Oliver releases a sequel to the successful album in the form of Großstadtmärchen 2. In addition, Stil vor Talent is presenting its second jam-packed double vinyl remix package of some of the album's many highlights. While Oliver Koletzki's funky beats and Jake The Rapper's charismatic musings on how to best treat everyone's favorite vital organ already provided one of the wittiest moments of Großstadtmärchen 2, "Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver" gets a well-deserved club treatment on the first vinyl. Starting things off, Andhim transform the track into a slow, grooving monster that borrows the original's warming saxophone and Jake's vocal hooks and marries them with big bass lines and quirky synths. Following the original mix, the flipside bares Murat Kilic's take, which ups the tempo into butt-shaking tech house territory, while adding a classic filter house touch thanks to its killer piano workout. Finally, Animal Trainer take you on a journey of echoes, stumbling beats and romantic melodies that should get any floor excited due to its deep bass line. On the second vinyl, Oliver Koletzki once again showcases his favorites of the album in their original mixes. It should come as no surprise that he picked "The Power of Rausch" featuring Nagel: the combination of the literary talent's trippy afterhour monologue and Oliver's equally-sketchy beats and guitar loop are both incredibly innovative and effective. "Bohlweg" is Oliver's homage to his hometown of Braunschweig. Originally included on the bonus edition of the LP, the track bedazzles with grooving percussion and quirky vocal snippets. Next up, the uplifting "Sunset" presents Oliver and his wife Fran in top form as we are treated to three minutes of pure bliss reminiscent of their hit "Hypnotized." Last but not least, Oliver's very own exercise in Daft Punk-style house rounds off this killer package as the distinctly French sounds of "1994" come flying through the speakers.