My Blood Carries My Dreams Away


LP version. 140 gram red vinyl. Born out of embers of separation and divorce, Permahorn are a Scottish/Serbian London-based duo who has compiled a selection of brooding, heartfelt songs on this cathartic debut album, My Blood Carries My Dreams Away. This debut plays out like a Nico record covered by Low via the nightmarish vision of David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986). Taking shape over a twelve month period, the duo used music as an escape from what was an emotionally difficult time, offering a sense of relief in the process. The result is one of the best records you're likely to hear in 2017. On the surface, My Blood Carries My Dreams Away is a bleak album tackling themes of desire, obsession, deceit and guilt. Despite this, there are small buds of hope, optimism and a sense that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Opening with the swaying schizophrenia of the title track: where churning backward loops swirl, accented beautifully by vocals incorporated from 20-year-old tapes recovered by producer Kramer (Bongwater, Galaxie 500, Ween, Daniel Johnston, Low), My Blood Carries My Dreams Away sets the scene from the first note. Inviting the listener on their melancholic journey, the record throws up surprises throughout, from feedback-laden "Radiation" conjuring memories of Pavement, to the wonderfully delivered deadpan vocals on the Nico-inspired "Into The Dreams (Slut)", and the harrowing "Lynch Mob". Comprised of Saint Pauly (guitar, vocals, percussion, knobs) and Jexy Pesic (bass, vocals, drums, switches), the duo were taken under the wing of Shimmy Disc producer Kramer who mixed and mastered their songs at his Noise Miami studio. Impressed with their songwriting ability, Kramer selected 11 tracks from the initial batch of demos and worked with them to create an album to be released on his new Shimmy 500 label. Now, with an incredible debut record complete and the backing of an iconic record label, Permahorn are eager to share their sound with the world.