Blackwinged Night

RCD 2172CD RCD 2172CD

Phaedra's 2011 debut album, The Sea (RCD 2107CD/RLP 3107LP), received fantastic international reviews in magazines as diverse as The Wire, Uncut, Shindig, and Prog, which drew lines to Vashti Bunyan, Elizabeth Fraser, and Nico. The Chicago Reader said, "this is one of the loveliest, most striking albums, unlike anything I've heard in years." Blackwinged Night is the follow-up, and the second album in a trilogy, a lyrical and musical cycle with its own mythological structure. From the ethereal folk universe of the debut, Blackwinged Night dives into a darker dream-pop underworld, where acoustic elements of woodwinds, strings, and marimba are mixed with layers of analog synths, bigger drums, and darker basslines. Vocals are as crystal-clear and haunting as ever, with lyrics circling around themes like creation and collapse, time and falling stars. Phaedra is Ingvild Langgård, singer, composer, and artist. Educated at The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway, she composes music for the stage and screen in addition to her art projects with sound, video, and installations. In cooperation with choreographer Ingri Fiksdal and scenographer Signe Becker she created the acclaimed dance performances "Orchard Ballads" and "Night Tripper." "Night Tripper" won the Oslo Award in 2012, has since toured extensively in Europe, and had its US premiere in April 2014; The Guardian called it "an extraordinary piece, simple yet powerfully affecting." Blackwinged Night is produced by Langgård herself, with contributions from Christian Engfelt, who also mixed the album. There are contributions from Ensemble neoN members Kristine Tjøgersen, on clarinet, and Yumi Murakami, on flute. Last heard on Motorpsycho's En Konsert For Folk Flest (RLP 2170LP, 2015), Kari Rønnekleiv plays violin and Ole-Henrik Moe is on viola. Last but not least, there's Langgård's regular band; Gunhild Mathea Olaussen on violin, Jørn Tore Egseth on bass and keyboards, and Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen on drums, percussion, marimba, and vibraphone. Mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.