Memory Fragments

RM 479CD RM 479CD

"Reality is precise; memory isn't." -- Jorge Luis Borges, In Praise of Darkness. Based in Spain, composer and visualist, Pierce Warnecke has developed an elegant auditory hallucination with his debut edition Memory Fragments. Known widely for his collaborations, with Matthew Biederman, Frank Bretschneider and Ketev, this edition represents Warnecke's first solo outing. Recorded over the better part of three years, Memory Fragments ties together his interests in electro-acoustic sound, field recordings and harmonic incongruities. "A memory is a recording of senses with the mind as the medium," Warnecke explains "When a memory is recalled it is played back in the mind's eye, but the experience is never as exact as the original moment. This makes memory a volatile storage medium, subject to transience. Whereas digital audio/video recordings are theoretically immune to this decay caused by the passing of time, Memory Fragments explores recordings as memories by taking samples (sound, images, objects) of a physical space and then placing them in an imaginary process of transformation and transience that slowly erodes these digital memories until disappearance." Pierce Warnecke was in California but has lived most of his life expatriated in Europe. He studied electronic music at Berklee College of Music and computational art at Universit├Ąt der Kunst in Berlin. His works are split between installations, compositions and concerts, with an equal focus on aural and visual mediums and the many types of relationships between them. He currently is a professor at Berklee College of Music's Master program in Valencia, Spain.