1-2 Weeks
Saved Once Twice

KI 006LP KI 006LP

Double LP version. Includes a poster and download code. Ki Records presents the debut album by electronic artist Sean Piñeiro. After he left his anthropology studies in Utrecht, he moved to NYC to pursue a degree in music composition at City College of New York. Shortly after he completed his undergraduate degree, he moved to Europe. Sean Piñeiro makes sample-based music. He's a constant observer of his environment and finds elements for his production from different sources, regardless of their quality or rarity. This can be samples from movies, commercials, YouTube videos, cartoons, and music far away from the dancefloor such as jazz, folk and classical. Like in a musical mosaic, he combines these elements into one stringent sound story, filled with anecdotes and short stories that were written between Brooklyn, Barcelona and Berlin. His work is like a musical diary. The oldest track on the album is "Reaper," which was made in Piñeiro's closet in Brooklyn, because at the time, the only room he had to fit his studio in was his closet. "Reaper" is a driving, downtempo beat accompanied by dreamy melodies and sound fragments that slowly sneak in from the background. "Grounds" is dominated by a yearning piano and a nostalgic-raw soul vocal that is combined in his very clean arrangement and production. In "Tunnel to Castle," a repetitive rhythm meets a vocal sample with a deep meaning if you listen closely. "Medallion" combines a rich choir with understated wind instruments and the listener gets lost in an ocean of sound. The complexity of Piñeiro's work is what made Ki Records decide to release Piñeiro's debut album.