Proyecto A + Proyecto B


Double LP version. Cosmic acid-psych-soul-funk-prog extravaganza from Spain, 1971. Proyecto A was the brainchild of the great Frank Dubé from Barcelona. What can one say about him? A truly fascinating character -- a pioneer of rock and roll and twist in Spain during the late '50s and early '60s, an accomplished accordion player, a showman, comedian, a psycho-aesthetics master -- but he should also be considered one of the first psychedelic pioneers in Spain due to his groundbreaking work on the Proyecto A album. Dubé started working on Proyecto A in 1969. Impressed by the moon landing, he wanted to create a concept album about the Solar System planets using tone scales and groove music so people could dance to it at clubs. He recruited some of the best studio musicians around and the result was a delirious concept album fueled by fuzz-wah guitars, crazy vocals, bizarre electronic effects, Hammond organ, soulish horns, funky drums... Due to the limitations of recording studios in Spain at the time, Dubé had to create his own effects and sound effects for the album. He used a primitive Binson Echo unit, recorded vocals through guitar amps, used guitar effects on the keyboards, and recorded the sounds of the beach and TV sounds with a portable microphone. Proyecto A was released in 1971 housed in an amazing gatefold sleeve depicting all the musicians wearing bizarre psychedelic outfits. The project was shrouded in mystery (Dubé used pseudonyms for all of the musicians involved) and for many years the Proyecto A album was plagued with many false rumors and stories. Out-Sider sets the record straight with this, the first-ever reissue done in cooperation with Frank Dubé. This reissue also includes the previously unreleased Proyecto B recordings from 1974, which were meant to be the second Proyecto A album. Recorded at EMI studios in Barcelona but never released at the time, this features Frank Dubé backed by famous Spanish prog band Iceberg plus saxophonist and flautist Juan Mena (ex-Máquina and Eddie Lee Mattison Band). This will surprise anyone into Latin, funk, psych, and library sounds. Lots of killer flute, drum breaks, Hammond, Fender Rhodes, electric guitar -- including tracks like the cosmic "Missatge espaial d'amor", conceived by Dubé as the soundtrack to the first sexual intercourse in space. Includes insert with previously unseen photos and detailed liner notes in Catalan, Spanish, and English. Remastered sound.