The Periodic Table

BK 010LP BK 010LP

2023 restock, last copies. Triple LP version with download code. Composed, arranged and performed live at The Bunker New York 10 Year Anniversary, January 2013 by Jonah Sharp & David Moufang. Few projects in electronic music have remained at the very cutting edge for as long as Reagenz, a collaboration between San Francisco-based Jonah Sharp and Heidelberg-based David Moufang. Their first self-titled album Reagenz, was released during a foundational moment for ambient and electronic music: 1994. At the time, Jonah's main project was Spacetime Continuum; an early signee of seminal label Astralwerks. He also ran one of the first independent electronic music labels on the West Coast, Reflective Records, recording with the likes of Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell; while David was founding acclaimed duo Deep Space Network, starting to record solo records as Move D, entering into a fruitful collaboration with Pete Namlook, as well as running his own Source Records imprint. Following several well-received live appearances in Japan, Reagenz was reformed in 2009 for a full-length album "Playtime" on the respected Berlin label Workshop. Since then, the project has been ongoing, touring to present live shows in both the U.S. and Europe. There has also been a special collaborative extension of the project when Reagenz met Magic Mountain High (Moufang w/Juju & Jordash) under the name The Mulholland Free Clinic at 2013's Unsound Festival in Krakow. Moufang, working as Move D, is now highly in demand as a DJ, while Sharp is also busy with solo gigs and a collaborative project with DJ Spun. Now, 20 years after their first project, comes The Periodic Table, a stunning live album captured at The Bunker New York's tenth anniversary party at Public Assembly, Brooklyn, in January 2013. Recorded using a full stage of gear/all-hardware set up that included a Roland TR 909, Roland TR 606, Roland JX-3P, Roland SH101, Anyware Instruments TinySizer, Nord Micro Modular, Doepfer Dark Time, Akai MPC 1000, Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay and a Moog MidiMurf, The Periodic Table incorporates elements of house, techno and ambient in an organic flow that few artists could replicate. Watching the two musicians on stage makes tangible the sense of decades of shared experience between them very apparent. Recorded with almost the same equipment they used to record their debut 20 years earlier, The Periodic Table is a testament to the power of live electronic music, its ability to transcend time and remain, when delivered with skill and art, one of the most powerful live music experiences possible. Far from being locked into any cul-de-sac of "dance" genre or DJ tools, The Periodic Table presents a living, breathing model.