1-2 Weeks
Megacity Servant


Reinier Zonneveld's third studio effort, Megacity Servant, stands as a coherent 16-piece techno outfit tinged with experimental tones while playfully deconstructing classic acid and disco fragments. Reinier's style of production ranges from cavernous power tracks to more concise trips subdued with melancholic piano-stemmed soundscapes. "Plastic People" swiftly introduces a raw techno dungeon mood with varying elements make for a surrealist atmosphere. Following up in the same timbre, a heavy-hitting percussion sets off "8 Ball". The moving bassline is revealed as centerpiece, while faint vocals antagonize the rhythm. Cari Golden stellar vocals and skillful lyrics on "Things We Might Have Said" shine paired with Zonneveld's production prowess. Seizing attention for the full length of the track, the entire arrangement seduces the listener, making for a clamorous earworm. "Disturbed Minds" offers an experimental set of distorted synths permeating the speakers. "Spacedge" comes in the form of a groovy, laid back offering, with a blunt loopy vocal and a fractured field recording of over 50 layers as memorable high points. "Gateway" has a focus on dancefloor antics, elements zigzag, mimicking the initial arrangement. Having created an immersive loop, the percussion switches sides playing the melody. "Megacity Servant" makes use of the classic Roland SH-101's ability to emit a nearly tridimensional sound ray, unfolding newer details with each listen. The relentless melody, padded with grave synth arrays, establishes a melancholic mood. "EHT" unveils a heavy-hitting resolution, as the artist layers on hefty polarizing synths. A powerful arrangement that is unsettling and playful at the same time, diving into dark techno realms. Sharp clangs and high synths pepper the melody in "Modern Voodoo" amounting to a relentless, mind-reprogramming tidbit. "Dive" slows down the storyline, leaving just enough room to breathe until "Dynamite" pops in. Bolstering a progressive melody with a spacy vocal hook, the track turns the usual SH-101's '70s string loop into a techno-palatable disco instance. "Sharp Bust 2.2" previously released, is now reworked and reconstructed to amp up and stabilize the raw techno energy. Aymar's lush voice offsets the metallic production pads in "Beast" which unfolds as a spacious and multilateral sonic journey. American pop-folk singer Simone White comes "You Could Be The One I Want", a ludic techno ballad. A steady groove with a wandering synth line, "Abstinence" brings a moment of brief calm, followed by pure downtempo in "Anti Matter". Includes download code.