N Lights


After a string of releases through Soma, the label is pleased to present the debut album from Italian DJ/producer Roberto Clementi. Roberto first came to Soma's attention through a series of very slick demos and it was clear from the outset that this was a producer who not only had a grasp of the modern underground techno movement but one who also appreciated the finer things that can be found in electronic music. Hailing from a remote, beautiful area of Southern Italy, Roberto's background and culture has shaped him as a producer, elements which he uses to fill his music with depth and emotion. For Roberto, every track has a background, a story, and through his use of organic grooves and well-defined melodies he allows each individual listener to experience their own interpretation of his music. With the opening pads of "Your Turn," Roberto sets the tone of the album; deep, grooving and brought to life with electronic feeling. He keeps a steady hand as tracks like "Lei," "Subavia," and "Receed" keep the opening dubby vibes of the album in tow while still retaining a dancefloor appeal. The slo-mo electronics of "Obscuria" swell perfectly in the middle of this album, its sluggish subs and tweaking synths breaking the mold. Normal service resumes quickly as "When Love Clashes" (already a previous hit on Soma) and "Untime" come hurtling in. The latter, probably one of Roberto's most grooving tracks, pulses with dubbed-out synths and chugging drums, making for perfect peak-time action. It's at this point Robert brings us slowly out of his universe. The eerie and resonating "Visceral," while ominous, alludes to that light at the end of every tunnel, as percussive keys flash through the cavernous low-end. The stepping "Agile" glistens with perfectly chopped and arranged vocal cuts that lend themselves intuitively to the beat. Jazzy keys with spring-like synths brighten this track from the core, eventually drifting into the ether. At the end of his journey, Roberto closes with the incandescent "At the Fruit." Stuttering beats and otherworldly bass are flanked by beautifully improvised keys tripped-out with space-like FX, tying the album together under his full spectrum of production techniques. Roberto has crafted a very unique and self-exploratory body of work with N Lights, one that has come together with faultless ease.