House of Jackpots

12XU 138LP 12XU 138LP

"Rocket 808's self-titled debut album came out in late 2019, and luckily, absolutely nothing happened in 2020 to divert the world's attention away from the release. Combining the primitive analog drum machine of 1970s New York underground icons Suicide with the raw guitar of Link Wray, Rocket 808 blasted rock n' roll guitar into our new, weirder present. Now Rocket 808 returns with a new LP, House of Jackpots, taking up where the previous record left off while adding some new elements to juice things up. Still channeling Alan Vega, the Cramps, and Duane Eddy influences from the first LP, House of Jackpots further explores 1980's television cop show themes and Ry Cooder film scores. 'Punk rock Mike Post' might not be something you knew you needed, until you hear the first cut of the record. Slide guitar gives you your own personal screening of Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas in your mind's eye, or imagine if instead of the Barry De Vorzon intro, 'Simon & Simon' opened with a trash-rock instrumental instead. Saturated in big-screen iconography whether it be surf tunes for 100-foot waves or David Lynch soundtracks for a grimy 1970s Las Vegas strip, House of Jackpots takes you out of a current reality that frankly, we all probably want to forget anyway. Covers of 1950s proto-goth Jody Reynolds and reviled eighties electro-rockers Sigue Sigue Sputnik give nods to the obscure rock n' roll weirdos of the past while dragging them into the future. Recorded by Grammy-winner Stuart Sikes and mastered by Crypt's Tim Warren, House of Jackpots takes electronic punk rock guitar noise into the 22nd century."