Colours Of Now

RM 005LP RM 005LP

After a long hiatus, Romain Azzaro is reactivating his Rouge Mécanique Musique imprint with an exciting collaborative project, exploring new musical territories. As the world started to flip on its head early in 2020, a quintet of musicians formed in Berlin: Paul Behnam (guitar), Sacha Hladiy (grand piano), Nicolai Johannsen (vibrating metal plates), Ruth Mogrovejo (viola), and Azzaro himself (zither) recorded their first album over three months in Azzaro's living room, studio and basement. In Hladiy's words, "a magical musical circus". The collision of these different personalities and sensibilities makes Colours Of Now a singular, spontaneous and inimitable object, exploring neoclassical, ambient and experimental music. "Romain had a wide-open vision for a brand new project, connecting musicians from different horizons," says Paul Behnam, "a lot of different processes and beautiful vibrations were shared at this moment in his place." Nicolai Johannsen adds: "Colours Of Now is a portrait of a time which was and wasn't; an alternation between existence and its opposite. The album is a collective formation, realized through different energies drawn to the same center." "This album has become a compilation of people, situations and emotions to me," explains Ruth Mogrojevo. "2020, the year in which we all met, has been an orderly metamorphosis from which we cannot exclude our professional activities. We all met playing music and deep down we knew that the whole project could be something great and actually meaningful." Colours Of Now is a quintet that formed in early 2020 during quarantine in Berlin. The self-titled album, produced and mixed by Romain Azzaro, explores the different shades of sound in a time where uncertainty leads to the present moment. Also feature Joao Comazzi.