Fuck Israel


"The Muslimgauze Preservation Society are pleased to announce another incendiary Muslimgauze remix, Fuck Israel. The source material is the International Language of Dub (Third Eye, 1995), which is a remix album of The Rootsman tracks, hence a remix of a remix, or 'Gauzified as it were. When Jones first met The Rootsman in 1996, several Rootsman albums were passed along by way of musical introduction. Jones promptly responded with several remixes on DAT, his way of saying 'hello', the posthumously titled Fuck Israel being among them. Chronologically, International Language of Dub is the second Rootsman album and is part two of the multi-part The Rootsman/Muslimgauze series on TMPS. Fuck Israel is a cry of anger against the illegal occupation of Palestine and the ongoing economic, political, and social subjugation of Palestinians by the Israelis. Each track is dedicated to an Israeli authority figure directly responsible for the oppression and/or death of Palestinians. Musically the tempo and textures of Fuck Israel varies from song to song. 'Fuck Ariel Sharon pt 1', 'Fuck Benjamin Netanyahu pt 1', 'Fuck Benjamin Netanyahu pt 2' are comprised of upbeat, vigorous breaks with a distinct 'grime' feel. 'Fuck Yitzhak Rabin' is a breaks track that cascades along a river of bass and then plummets into a chasm of drones. Conversely, 'Fuck Ehud Olmert' is a beatless psychedelic vocal loop while 'Fuck Benjamin Ben-Eliezer' is a digression into more abstract textures. By 'Fuck Shimon Peres', organ melodies and Rasta vocals place Muslimgauze in distinct dub reggae territory. 'Fuck Ehud Barak pt 1' and 'Fuck Ehud Barak pt 2' are among the stand-out tracks with their echo-soaked steady horse-trot tempo while electronic ricochets shimmer and pulse throughout. Crowning track, 'Fuck Avignor Lieberman' could pass for a downtempo rhythm-with-flute track if it was not for the over-muscular bass lines that shake the speakers like a tectonic shift. On Fuck Israel, Muslimgauze muscles through a dubstep club, knocking-over hipster trendies in the process. Packaged with papyrus covers, hand printed in Egypt, with a 9 panel fold-open poster, CD set in a super jewel case and bonus sticker."