The Man With The Case


This is the first full-length album by Swedish old-school techno DJ, Samuel L Session aka SLS. The Man With The Case is a culmination of two decades of experience -- the sound of the past often collides with current movements, but never has it sounded so fresh than here. Containing 12 tracks of pure old-school techno, including 10 previously-unreleased tracks, his skills and knowledge from the evolving electronic music scene create a stark and original album that will remind you of what REAL techno sounds like. Sounding as fresh as the early days of the 909, The Man With The Case harkens back to the house veins of Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, but in an inspiring new context, digging into the roots of techno while stamping the SLS classic and groovy print into each production. The album opens elegantly with "Time," drifting into a dreamy and evocative atmosphere glowing with luminosity. Bouncing straight into "Chimes," the album's first EP release sinks quickly into rolling grooves and soars with radiant melodies. The tempo is raised with burning dancefloor cuts "Tronic," "My People" and "Big Bad Drum," and simmers with the smouldering embers of warm house music with "Lucious" and "Past and Present." Menacing flares and bold snares make "The Soloist" shake the skull and the closing moments in "Tight Stack" and "Pulse" offer a chance for reflection and new insight. Samuel L Session's career began in the late '80s, mixing hip-hop and early forms of techno and house in his home of Sweden. His SLS guise soon became synonymous with groovy techno through a string of high-profile releases on labels such as Planet E, Soma and Intec and remixes for techno veterans such as Slam and Kevin Saunderson. SLS also founded a string of his own successful imprints, Solid Beat, Cycle and Klap Klap, each making a significant mark on the landscape of techno. Now a main player in the Be As One family, The Man With The Case gives way to a new dawn in electronic music, while still keeping the spirit of its origins alive.