Light Blooming


Follows well-received collaborative outings for Circus Company as 1/2 of the SF dynamo duo Moniker whose classic "Billy D" anthem and respective Patrice Scott remix graced the early catalog, followed by the galactic flex Straylight EP with Cali brethren Dave Aju on velvet vocoder vox b/w a stellar Kai Alcé remix on the Another off-shoot imprint, and of course his indelible contributions to the arrangements/derangement of the wondrous KAMM LP Cookie Policies. Kenneth Scott is essentially an extended family household name for the label and so they present his initial solo release for the Circus Company label proper. Schooled as always in the deepest of electronic music roots and classiest of track traditions, the three pieces that form the Light Blooming EP puzzle display all the prized synth wizardry and production ingenuity the label have come to expect from the Berlin-based veteran."Firesound" kicks you off in fine form, with a glistening array of pads and tight arpeggios that give way to a soulful funk strut that any fan of Detroit-style electro flavors will enjoy to the fullest. We then move to the stylized 4/4 pulse of the aptly-titled "Lost Sonar", an extended live set for Lost Sonar Collective skillfully condensed and finessed into a smooth-as-silk true deep house cut, where warm synth tones set the sound bed while shards of sharper percussion and angular textures flash and fizz throughout, creating an ultra-fresh contrasting feel while a rock-solid groove grinds us along faithfully. Scott then finally closes out the set with the powerful and titular "Light Blooming" which begins with a similar rising pad intro before unleashing fierce and raw overdriven drum programming, teasing us out to the two-minute mark when the mighty sub bass line and multi-layered arps drop in to devastating effect, bubbling and building to a bold harmonic apex, before eventually bringing us down softly and somehow with ease after such a glorious rise. Filled with early-Warp feels and futurist sci-fi hopes in equal measure, the Light Blooming EP is three tracks of pure funk precision and expressive musical class from the man Kenneth Scott.